Hey, they are Pochis.
They are you and me.

Generative NFT art by Che-Yu Wu

What are Pochis?

CryptoPochis are mysterious creatures that capture different emotions in your daily life. Their faces speak for themselves. They simply lie on the ground and play all day. We catch and wrap them as NFTs for you to play with.

2021-09-05 15:00 UTC
Early Mint
Exclusively for Sea Ham holders ETH (1 per ham). Early Mint has concluded.
2021-09-06 15:00 UTC
Public Mint
Public Mints have been sold out

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Where do Pochis come from?
We are glad you asked! CryptoPochis stem from the generative art project Sleepy Pochi by artist Che-Yu Wu in daily creative coding series. Some of the inspiration also came from the legendary LocoRoco video game.
Sea Ham, what?
Sea Hams are an important part of the Art Blocks community thanks to their unique looks and intriguing backstory leading back to generative artist Che-Yu Wu.
Oh, and did we mention owning a Sea Ham gets your foot in the Pochis' Early Mint door? Wallet snapshot will be taken 2 hours before early mint starts. There is one Pochi reserved for each Ham. So there is no need to spread them across different wallets.
Is there an Airdrop for Pochi?
If you have craft hams drawn by Che-Yu Wu, you will get an airdrop of pochis before early access starts. Thank you for being an early supporter and bringing joy to the community.
How can I validate the correct official contract for CryptoPochi?
The official contract for CryptoPochi is deployed at 0x11111111384122718f7a44d48290bb70a3a9f793. Please double check the contract address before submitting any transactions.
I heard about Pochi actions, what are those?
You can ask all Pochis in the world to do something together through the power of the Ethereum blockchain! Please follow this link to perform Pochi actions.